Plant Based favorites…

Some of you may or may not know, My husband and I decided to go Plant Based in June of 2017. Cold Turkey. On a Sunday we were living it up at the Gerst Haus eating “Nashville Hot Chicken”, later that evening we watched the documentary What The Health “WTH”. SO on Monday morning I read all my labels and got rid of all our groceries. With a few short months into our journey we have certainly come upon some recipes that we will not repeat and we have come really fond of some “helpers”. We try to eat as much produce as we can…that’s the point. But having some processed “helpers” helps!

I intend to share just that in this blog and going forward with some recipes I found that we do repeat around here. It’s actually been very eye opening, a lot of fun and very frustrating at times. But right now, when I have time to be in the kitchen it’s fun. What can I say…I love to learn and grow, no matter the subject.

I would like to add as I will only say this once {or not} depends on the number of assholes that try to tell me otherwise….I don’t care if your plant based or not. BUT, please don’t judge me for doing so. We each are going through this life the best we know and what is right for us. This is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself and my body. More on this later. I do and do not at the same time not feel the need to defend it…depends on the day.

I will say, I get in more protein in me now that probably in my whole life 😉

I will start with Chao cheese…let this come to room temp, cut in small pieces, add a can of Rotel and you have some of the best Queso. One to rival with the death trap of Velveeta 😉 My friend made this for us on New years eve and we have since had it two more times! bombdotcom!!!

Next up is this Cashew cheese made by Treeline….So incredibly good and you would never know it’s made from cashews. Spread on some “accidentally Vegan” Ritz and you’ve got a damn good snack in the evenings for your Beer 🙂

Next up and can be hard to find…is Kite Hill yogurt. Topped with Trader Joe’s Grainless granola and you have the perfect after workout snack! We do not have a Trader Joe’s around here..”insert crying here”. But we visit one often and buy about 10 bags of this at a time. It’s that good!

I buy most of my groceries at Meijer’s. I do know you can get Kite Hill at Fresh Market…however they are always out and I have a hard time supporting a store that carries more highly processe food at double the cost rather than fresh. To each their own 🙂

Until next next time!!

Kitchen: Then and Now

A look into our Kitchen…Where the Magic happens!
I’m talking all of our delicious meals, get your mind out of the gutter 😉
Here is our kitchen, on Purchase day and Today. Anything I do, is never a finished product, but always an evolving one 🙂

Just a boy…

Hey!! Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I have every intentions of blogging a whole lot more this year. My art, my heart, my favorites, recipes…nothing will be off limits. They will be meant to stir the soul, inspire, start a conversation, draw people in, to truly connect. I’m not perfect nor do I strive to be. I don’t know it all…but I can assure you I have been through my fair share of shitshows 😉 Nothing will be held back or off limits to talk about. So pull up a chair, bookmark me and get cozy.

We will kick it off light with a mini session I did right before Christmas. Enjoy!!

Family love…

I don’t even know what to say about this family that I haven’t already said. If you’re new here, Jen is my bride from a many moons ago turned wedding assistant. I kinda of really like her…a lot!! I adore her for everything she is…and I love the way she loves her family. This might be one of my favorite sessions of them to date…the babes are such fun ages! They run the show and it’s so much fun to capture!

Enjoy 🙂

Family love

Good Morning!!

I met up with this sweet family the other day. Weather was crazy warm and windy. I feel like Mother Nature has been skipping her medication this fall. Which in turn makes me have a love/hate relationship with this whole picture business thing 😉 You can not rely on anything the weather man says…you just have to go with it. Use what you’ve got and make it work.

Here’s what I will say…one thing you will always have are your people and the love you pour into them…no matter the season, location, or weather. That is and will always be why I can never fully step away from this camera. I love LOVE. I love watching people love and capturing it, this family was no exception. I always take something away from each session. It’s a passion that gives back to my soul.

I work with Ande at Flutter. She is also related to one of my great childhood friends from where I grew up in IL. This world is crazy small somedays.

I love Ande for a multitude of reasons…but the main ones are…this girl is real, she is fierce and loves her family. All of which are traits of myself and I look for in others. With all that being said…Enjoy!

Peggy Donovan I think it’s magnificent they can all look so perfectly dressed and put together and that they found the time to all be in one place for this shoot. A feat to be admired. They radiate joy.
Photos tell the story…such a fantastic fam.November 7, 2017 – 11:33 pm