Family love

Good Morning!!

I met up with this sweet family the other day. Weather was crazy warm and windy. I feel like Mother Nature has been skipping her medication this fall. Which in turn makes me have a love/hate relationship with this whole picture business thing 😉 You can not rely on anything the weather man says…you just have to go with it. Use what you’ve got and make it work.

Here’s what I will say…one thing you will always have are your people and the love you pour into them…no matter the season, location, or weather. That is and will always be why I can never fully step away from this camera. I love LOVE. I love watching people love and capturing it, this family was no exception. I always take something away from each session. It’s a passion that gives back to my soul.

I work with Ande at Flutter. She is also related to one of my great childhood friends from where I grew up in IL. This world is crazy small somedays.

I love Ande for a multitude of reasons…but the main ones are…this girl is real, she is fierce and loves her family. All of which are traits of myself and I look for in others. With all that being said…Enjoy!

Peggy Donovan I think it’s magnificent they can all look so perfectly dressed and put together and that they found the time to all be in one place for this shoot. A feat to be admired. They radiate joy.
Photos tell the story…such a fantastic fam.November 7, 2017 – 11:33 pm

Evansville Senior Photographer: Paxton

One day you’re in a tank top sweating, the next…you’re wrapped up in your best winter coat. Welcome to the Mid-West. It’s a love/hate for me. I could not live anywhere without Fall…but man is it ever short and very up and down in the weather. Still when it’s all said and done…it’s Beautiful!!
Just a peek of Paxton’s part two senior session!

I hope you know…

I sent Katie a text today that simply said:
I hope you know how blessed you are…one day these dinosaurs will be car keys. {Then my eyes filled with tears.}

Gosh…I am such a sap. Maybe it’s because my blue eyed baby boy is 17 now. I feel as though I have taken the time to truly live in the moments…but it still happens…time does fly! Life is a fast train. It’s one hell of a ride but sometimes you would like to slow it down and take in the view.

With that being said…you will also be teaching them to stand and before you know it, you’re teaching them to stand up for themselves. One day you’re bending down to pick them up…then one day you’re literally looking up to them because they’re taller than you. One day you’re picking out their “handsome shirts” and then you find yourself in their closet wearing the one of their wrestling shirts to their athletic event to be their biggest fan. One day you’re cheering them on for their first step and first words…next up you’re THAT mom on the side of the mat cheering them on for the whole gym to hear. You’re constantly telling them you love them before they even know what that means. Then you find yourself telling them 4-5 times a day because of the what if’s. When they say “love hurts”, I’m pretty sure they’re talking about parenting…it’s a good hurt, but you’re heart just hangs around on the outside of your body their entire childhood. It breaks, bleeds, loves more than you ever imagined and pumps with pure joy.

It doesn’t get any easier…this whole parenting thing. It never does. It’s just plain hard some days…but every damn day, it’s so worth it.

Soak it in, moms and dads…soak it in.

As always Katie, Thanks for getting what I do and why I do it. Enjoy!

Senior year!


I had the chance of photograph this Beautiful girl. It was so hot, but she was a trooper!! Paxton is beautiful inside and out! An absolute dream to work with…Good Luck with your Senior Year Paxton!

Mark and Katie say I do

You may remember this couple. Mark had contacted me last summer for a surprise proposal and wanted me to capture that. I was reluctant, because I honesty didn’t know if it was a real contact. I don’t get much through Google without knowing the couple from word of mouth. I’m sure glad I ignored my gut and agreed to capture one of their biggest days…which lead to the next biggest day 🙂

When I say Mark and Katie are some of the kindest people I have ever meet, I mean that!! You can learn a lot from being around them. You will see in these photos, they never took their eyes off each other and that infectious smile never left their faces! Such a dreamy day! Great bridal party and such loving families. Thank you for allowing Jen and I to be a part! Please call on us on your third biggest day, I know, I know, you said it will be a long time! I sure hope you enjoy this blog full of highlights from your day!